The 36th Annual NASIG Conference Will Be Held Online-Only

In anticipation that travel to Madison, Wisconsin will not be possible for the majority of conference attendees due to the ongoing pandemic, the 36th Annual NASIG Conference will be an online-only event, May 17-21, 2021. Although we will not be able to meet in person, we look forward to being able to come together and to learn from each other in a virtual space. 

Registration for the conference will open soon – look for a registration announcement from CPC shortly. Registration rates for this year’s conference will be as follows:

Full Online Conference Registration – Members $40

Full Online Conference Registration – Non-Members $150

Full Online Conference Registration – Institution/Group $350

Full Online Conference Registration – Students/Furloughed Library Employees* – Free

*We value everyone’s participation. If cost is a barrier, please register using the furloughed employees option. You’ll have the same access to events, activities, and virtual swag as with member, non-member, institution/group rates.

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