C4DISC Newsletter

C4DISC published their first newsletter, encouraging the scholarly communications community to celebrate and support Black organizations and Black academics, researchers, and scholars for Black History Month. The newsletter also announces C4DISC updates, upcoming webinars, and industry news.

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Licensing E-Resources: Is your Publisher a Preservationist?

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Licensing E-Resources: Is your Publisher a Preservationist?

March 18, 2021
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (ET)

Electronic resources have their own inherent complications, and this is particularly true at the licensing stage. Without careful planning, an institution may find themselves facing unexpected content loss after a subscription cancellation, a title cessation, or publisher shutdown. In this webinar, Michelle Polchow, Electronic Resources Librarian at UC Davis and James Phillpotts, Director of Digital Operations Innovation at Oxford University Press, will share their insights and best practices for licensing for both parties. Their perspectives will advise on the necessary steps that librarians should take before and during licensing to fully understand entitlements, as well as ways that publishers can commit to digital preservation in licensing terms to prevent possible content loss.

Who should attend:
Librarians with beginning knowledge of licensing and an interest in or responsibility for the preservation/management of digital content. Early career librarians and library students are encouraged to attend.  

James Phillpotts, Oxford University Press
Michelle Polchow, University of California, Davis

Registration Deadline for live event: March 18, 2021. This webinar will be recorded and made available to registrants after the webinar is completed.

Late registration dates to purchase recording: September 18, 2021. After September 18th the recording will be made freely available.

Webinar Rates:

NASIG members: $35
NASIG student members: $15
NISO members *: $35
NASIG non-member: $50
Group registration: $95

NASIG members should login for member rate.

* NISO members should contact the NASIG Continuing Education Committee (cont-educ@nasig.org) prior to registering in order to receive a priority code used for getting the listed rates.

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2021 NASIG Election: Call for Petition Candidates

The Nominations & Elections Committee is soliciting petition candidates for the 2021 election for the following open positions on the Executive Board:

Vice President/President-Elect (3-year term beginning 2021/2022)
Member At Large (2 to be elected and serve a 2-year term beginning 2021/2022)
Treasurer (3-year term beginning 2021/2022)
Secretary (3-year term beginning 2021/2022)

Instructions for petition candidates are noted in the Petition Candidate Profile (PCP) form found on the NASIG website on the Elections Process page.

Petitioners must fulfill the requirements listed on the PCP and agree in writing to run for the desired office. Petition candidates must be members in good standing as noted in the NASIG Bylaws. Petition candidates will appear on the final ballot once the requirements are met. Please note that no special designation will be made on the ballot as to the status of any candidate. The PCP and all supporting documents must be submitted no later than midnight EST on March 15, 2021 to: Xiaoyan Song, Chair, NASIG Nominations & Elections Committee 2020/2021, xsong9@ncsu.edu.

Thank you for your participation!

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2021 NASIG Election Slate

The following individuals are slated to appear on the ballot for the 2021 election:

Vice President/President-Elect (3-year term beginning 2021/2022)

Madeline Kelly (Western Washington University)

Dana Sinclair (State University of New York College at Old Westbury)

Kristen Twardowski (Duke University Press)

Member At Large (2 to be elected, serve a 2-year term beginning 2021/2022)

Treasa Bane (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Moon Kim (Ohio State University)

Faye O’Reilly (Wichita State University)

Dejah Rubel (Ferris State University)

Rebecca Tatterson (East Carolina University)

Treasurer (3-year term beginning 2021/2022)

Karen Davidson (Mississippi State University)

Shannon Keller (New York Public Library)

Secretary (3-year term beginning 2021/2022)

Siôn Romaine (University of Washington)

Willa Tavernier (Indiana University)

Ballots, voting instructions, petition candidate instructions, and candidate profiles are forthcoming and information about each will be distributed in separate email messages. Please address any questions to: Xiaoyan Song, Chair, NASIG Nominations & Elections Committee 2020/2021, xsong9@ncsu.edu.

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UKSG 2021 Conference Online

The UKSG Annual Conference and Exhibition 2021 will be held online for the first time. The event is a major event in the scholarly communications calendar which attracts a large number of delegates each year from around the world – librarians, publishers, content providers, consultants and intermediaries. The conference combines high-quality plenary presentations, lightning talks and breakout sessions with virtual social events and a major online trade exhibition.

Details and registration.

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The 36th Annual NASIG Conference Will Be Held Online-Only

In anticipation that travel to Madison, Wisconsin will not be possible for the majority of conference attendees due to the ongoing pandemic, the 36th Annual NASIG Conference will be an online-only event, May 17-21, 2021. Although we will not be able to meet in person, we look forward to being able to come together and to learn from each other in a virtual space. 

Registration for the conference will open soon – look for a registration announcement from CPC shortly. Registration rates for this year’s conference will be as follows:

Full Online Conference Registration – Members $40

Full Online Conference Registration – Non-Members $150

Full Online Conference Registration – Institution/Group $350

Full Online Conference Registration – Students/Furloughed Library Employees* – Free

*We value everyone’s participation. If cost is a barrier, please register using the furloughed employees option. You’ll have the same access to events, activities, and virtual swag as with member, non-member, institution/group rates.

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NASIG Statement in Support of Democracy, Peaceful Transition of Power

Our deep abhorrence of the anti-democratic violence and insurrection at the US Capitol Wednesday should go without saying, but if the past few years have taught us anything, it is that nothing can go without saying.  The assault on the Capitol and on the electoral process upon which our democracy depends was a horrific act by those who seek willfully to betray the most basic attempts of this imperfect country to meet the lofty ideals to which it should aspire. 

The history of this country – like all human history – is painful, rich with evidence of the willingness of those empowered within society to ignore the better path, the path upon which we all should walk together.  Instead, we have time and again made other, terrible choices, leading to the Trail of Tears, to the ‘Redemption’ of the South, to the redlining of the nation’s cities and towns, and all other actions that uphold white supremacy.  In all these actions, we can and must acknowledge the complicity of libraries, publishers, and others in the information community.

Nevertheless, we cannot let past failures and current imperfections impede us from striving to meet the ideals which will lead to a better world for all of us, no matter how often we may fail to meet them.  NASIG condemns these violent and anti-democratic actions taken at the US Capitol on Wednesday January 6th and supports the call for accountability for all those responsible.  NASIG supports and stands in solidarity with the myriad Capitol workers and support staff that continued their work under impossible circumstances, compounded by not only violence but also pandemic.

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Webinar: Streamlining Content Platform Migrations: What do librarians need to know and what you can do to help.

Date: January 21, 2021

Time: 1 PM EST

Description: Despite the tedious preparation by publishers, vendors, and librarians, content platform migrations are rarely seamless. Due to the complexities involved, a problem-free migration is the exception rather than the norm. The NISO Content Platform Migration Working Group was formed to address these challenges and aims to establish recommended practices and checklists to standardize and improve platform migration processes for all stakeholders involved with online content platforms. In this webinar, a librarian and a publisher will share their detailed, yet unique experiences on what happens during content platform migrations.  These perspectives will review the work and planning required to make these events run as smoothly as possible, and the challenges they face when they don’t.  Our publisher-side speaker will describe issues they must consider when their content migrates, such as providing continuous access, persistent linking, communicating with stakeholders, and working with vendors. Our librarian speaker will describe their experience and steps they take during migrations, such as receiving notifications about migrations, identifying affected e-resources, updating local systems to ensure continuous access, and communicating with their front-line staff and patrons.  The Working Group Co-Chairs will close by describing the group’s efforts to-date, expected outcomes and call to action for the audience.  This is a NISO CPM Working Group, NASIG Standards Committee, and NASIG Continuing Education Committee co-sponsored event.


Matthew Ragucci, Associate Product Marketing Director at Wiley, NASIG Standards Committee Chair

Athena Hoeppner, Discovery Services Librarian at University of Central Florida, NISO Content Platform Migration Working Group Co-Chair

Kim Steinle, Library Relations and Sales Manager at Duke University Press, NISO Content Platform Migration Working Group Co-Chair  

Registration Info:

This webinar is free. Register at https://nasig.org/event-4090902

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Deadline Extended: 2021 NASIG Annual Conference Call for Proposals

Edit: Deadline extended to January 22, 2021, and conference will be all online.

NASIG is soliciting proposals for its 36th Annual Conference, to be held online May 17-21, 2021.

NASIG seeks proposals for one-hour hybrid conference sessions on topics related to scholarly communication and publishing, ethical issues in technical services, and the acquisition, management, and discovery of library collections. Sessions related to accessibility, privacy, open access, and UX are encouraged. We particularly welcome proposals related to the areas defined in NASIG’s Core Competencies, including:

  • Electronic resource life cycle and management
  • Collection analysis, assessment, and development
  • Licensing and legal framework of library content
  • Ethical Issues in technical services
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in relation to libraries
  • Standards and systems of cataloging and classification, metadata, linked data, and indexing
  • Standards, initiatives, and best practices for library content
  • Scholarly communication, including copyright, data management, and assessment and impact metrics
  • Institutional repositories, publishing, digital preservation, open educational resources, and open access
  • Life cycle and workflow of print continuing resources
  • Relationship building between libraries, vendors, publishers, standards bodies, and others involved in the information community
  • Supervision and management of staff working in areas relevant to NASIG
  • Management of projects related to electronic and/or print resources or scholarly communication
  • Initiatives and best practices in areas included in the core competencies and awareness of trends and ongoing developments in those areas

Each one-hour session should include approximately 45-50 minutes of content, with time left for discussion. As a hybrid conference, presenters may choose to present virtually or in-person. NASIG plans to offer online programming via an online platform, such as Zoom. Co-presenters are welcomed, but we ask that you limit submissions to no more than three presenters. Presenters may be asked to combine sessions with other presenters on similar topics, with all efforts made to group paired sessions by format (in-person presenters grouped together, virtual presenters grouped together). All presenters will be asked to publish a conference report in the NASIG Proceedings, which will be published in Serials Librarian from Taylor & Francis. Additional information for speakers can be found on our speaker resources page. Presentations are selected by the Program Planning Committee based on their relevance to NASIG member interests.

Accepted presenters will be offered a $100 discount on the cost of registration for the in-person conference or free access to the online conference.

Please submit all proposals using the online form at https://proposalspace.com/calls/d/1256. The submission deadline is 15 January 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact the Program Planning Committee (PPC) Co-Chairs, Heidi Card and Megan Kilb, at prog-plan@nasig.org.

NASIG is an independent organization working to advance and transform the management of information resources. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate and improve the distribution, acquisition, and long-term accessibility of information resources in all formats and business models. Visit http://www.nasig.org/ for more information.

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Webinar: Open Access Content Under Threat: Internet Archive and Portico

With disruptions in print supply chains and cutbacks on server and staff support, the threat of unpreserved content disappearing is greater than ever. Join us for an informational overview and deep dive into how technology is being used to preserve websites and their underlying content. Stephanie Orphan, Director of Content Preservation for Portico will discuss the preservation service’s efforts to preserve OA content and successes in providing access to it when it disappears. Jefferson Bailey, Director, Web Archiving and Data Services at Internet Archive will provide an update on Internet Archive Scholar and its efforts to ensure at risk content remains available.

In 2018, the Internet Archive undertook a large-scale project to build as complete a collection as possible of scholarly outputs published on the web, as well as improve the discoverability and accessibility of scholarly works archived as part of these global web harvests. This project involved a number of areas of work: targeted archiving of known OA publications (especially at-risk “long tail” publications), extraction and augmentation of bibliographic metadata and full text, integration and preservation of related identifier, registry, and aggregation services and datastores, partnerships with affiliated initiatives and joint service developments, and creation of new tools and machine learning approaches for identifying archived scholarly work in existing global scale born-digital and web collections. The project also identifies and archives associated research outputs such as blogs, datasets, code repos, and other secondary research objects. The alpha public interface, not yet officially announced, can be found at https://scholar-qa.archive.org/ and the testing and catalog temporarily hosted at https://fatcat.wiki/. Portico has long been preserving OA content and is currently preserving more than 5,000 OA journals from 309 publishers. They currently provide access to 114 of these OA journals, which were otherwise no longer available online for use by researchers (these are referred to as triggered titles). Portico is actively exploring methods of preserving more of the most vulnerable scholarly content and seeking input from the community on this topic. Whether you are a digital preservation expert or new to the scene, this session will offer something for you.


Stephanie Orphan is the Director of Content Preservation at Portico, a not-for-profit digital preservation service supported by the academic library and scholarly publishing community. She is responsible for maintaining and expanding Portico participation from publishers and other content providers to ensure ongoing growth and sustainability of the Portico archive. Stephanie’s work to ensure preservation of a broad swath of content expands beyond large-scale traditional publishers to include large and small Open Access publishers, organizations developing new business models for publishing scholarly content, and content creators within academic communities; she was instrumental in introducing an Open Access trigger event model at Portico. Stephanie joined Portico as publisher content coordinator in 2007 and brings a strong understanding of publishing platforms, metadata, and packaging formats to her role, as well as significant relationship-management experience. She holds a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has served as a member of OASPA’s board of directors since 2017.

Jefferson Bailey is Director of Web Archiving & Data Services at the Internet Archive. Jefferson joined the Internet Archive in 2014 and manages a range of Internet Archive’s services for web archiving, digital preservation, and web and data services. He works closely with research institutions, libraries, and open knowledge organizations on digital library services, technology development, community building, scholarly communications, educational, and other programs.

Date: November 19, 2020

Time: 1 PM EST

To register and learn more, visit: https://www.nasig.org/event-4021641

Registration Deadline for live event: November 18th. This webinar will be recorded and made available to registrants after the webinar is completed. Late registration dates to purchase recording: May 19th. After May 19th the recording will be made freely available.

Webinar Rates:

  • NASIG members: $35
  • NASIG student members: $15
  • NISO members *: $35
  • NASIG non-member: $50
  • Group registration: $95

NASIG members should login for member rate.

* NISO members should contact the NASIG Continuing Education Committee (cont-educ@nasig.org) prior to registering in order to receive a priority code used for getting the listed rates.

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