Things to know about #NASIG18

The 2018 NASIG Annual Conference is just a few weeks away! All of us who are preparing this year’s conference are excited to welcome both old timers and newcomers to Atlanta, GA.

Don’t forget to register with the Early Bird registration rate available through May 11! Visit this link and book your spot for the conference and the amazing Grand Hyatt Buckhead Hotel! Remember that students get a discounted rate at $100 so please share with your students and have them come to Atlanta to learn about what new developments are in library land.

We have an excellent program for you with attendees coming from many institutions and organizations. Check out this chart for more information:


This year, main sessions cover topics ranging from collection management, scholarly communication, electronic resources management, cataloging and metadata, licensing, institutional repositories, and more.


You can explore the complete program on the following link. Select the sessions you would like to attend and add them to your schedule:

This year we have again opened up the program for the Great Ideas Showcase session, scheduled for June 9th at 5PM, and the Snapshot Session, scheduled for June 10th at 2PM.

After last year’s very successful Student Spotlight session, we are bringing it back this year so that talented students can share their work. Stop by and support them!

This year’s Opening Session will feature David Bradley, a self-described storyteller, writer, filmmaker, and history geek with an obsession for the history of Atlanta, where he has lived for 33 years. David will perform a stand-up history and visual presentation of Atlanta’s history. Expect to be entertained, informed, and excited to be in Atlanta!

As usual we have the early morning Fun Run scheduled for June 9, from 6-7AM. For detailed information please visit the following link:

We can’t wait to see you all in Atlanta!



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