NASIG 2023, Day 2: Rouse, Rethink, Renew

Day two of #nasig2023 draws to a close with a large contingent of attendees finishing up a Major League Baseball game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Texas Rangers. As of this writing, it looks like the hometown team is set to lose, but hope springs eternal! Other attendees enjoyed a nice evening dining out in the surrounding area where there is a plethora of options.

The NASIG Ramble, a long tradition of our event, started off the day for a dedicated group, followed by two very informative and well attended workshops, one on serials cataloging given by Steve Shadle (University of Washington), and another by Michael Rodriguez (Lyrasis) on the topic of evaluating open access investment opportunities for your library.

Next up was the start of the excellent Vendor Expo as well as user group meetings on e-resources troubleshooting, Ex Libris Alma library information sharing, etc. that helped stimulate rethinking of various practices.

After breaking for lunch, we were treated to a rousing and insightful Vision Session talk by Tarida Anantachai, Director, Inclusion & Talent Management at the NC State University Libraries. Entitled “The Great ReenVisioning: Reframing Recruitment and Retention in Libraries,” Anantachai spoke at length about ways in which library organizations can and should approach DEI efforts in better ways. For example, she identified the importance of mentoring, structural support, investing in development, not just early career, and investing in correcting policies and procedures that support whiteness. As she noted, “EDI can be very personal for a lot us… Lived experience impacts our work as well as our life outside of work.” (credit: @PhdGeek). She closed with a slide (shown below) that is a must-have guideline on handling audience Q&A.

The afternoon was filled with informative concurrent sessions on decision-making in the cataloging of bound with books, increasing the inclusivity of transformative agreements, authentication while mitigating security risks, and using the ISSN Portal to assess journal collections for coverage for digital preservation.

After that, several attendees, including some LIS students, gave really interesting presentations in the Snapshot Sessions portion of the schedule, giving us insights into A-Z list reorganization, working on identifying remote storage items for weeding, a print journal and magazine deselection and retention project, a study on privacy and security tool adoption among LGBTQ+ professionals in information science, and a review of a practicum by a U.S. student working in a law library in Montreal, Canada, to reclassify and recatalog the collection.

Fascinating stuff! Can’t wait for another interesting day of learning and renewal tomorrow.

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