Digital Preservation: why libraries need a policy for the stuff they publish and the stuff they collect – NASIG Webinar

Digital Preservation: why libraries need a policy for the stuff they publish and the stuff they collect
When: 11:00 ET May 4,
Via Zoom
How to Register: coming soon, save the date!

When digital content vanishes the first warning could be an irreparable broken link. Perhaps a librarian deletes that catalog record. Perhaps a scholar no longer cites that work. Quietly, invisibly the scholarly record erodes away.
A reliable means of preserving, safeguarding and making accessible important digital content for the future, especially those objects that comprise the record of advances in human knowledge, is an essential foundation for human progress. But we are far, far away from realizing this vision.
As the digital scholarly record grows in size, volume, and complexity, the ecosystem of stakeholders responsible for stewarding this information into the future grows. Together each of us must take responsibility to develop plans, strategies, and activities to ensure that these materials remain available and usable for as long as they are needed.
NASIG’s Model Digital Preservation Policy is a tool designed to help library publishers (and other publishers!) measure, grow, and publicize their organization’s commitment to preserving the scholarship entrusted to it.

In this session, we will explore:

  • The NASIG Model Digital Preservation Policy
  • Case study in digital preservation policy development by SciFree, focusing on library and researcher needs in the Open Access publishing environment
  • Collection risk assessment conducted by University of California, Davis and optimizing digital preservation language in library license agreements to ensure content in all formats remains available to future users.

Alicia Wise is Co-Chair of NASIG’s Digital Preservation Committee and Executive Director of the CLOCKSS Archive. She has been active in increasing access to research information for 20 years in roles within our publishing community (e.g. with Elsevier, the Publishers Association, the Publishers Licensing Service) and also within the library community (e.g. Jisc, a range of universities). Her Ph.D. is in Anthropology where her research focussed on the Roman invasion of Scotland and resistance to this.

Abeni Wickham, PhD. Serves on NASIG’s Digital Preservation Committee and is founder/CEO at SciFree with a mission to democratize the academic publishing system, working together with libraries around the world to help make 100% Open Access and Open Science sustainable and equitable.

Michelle Polchow, Electronic Resources Librarian, University of California, Davis. Serves with Alicia as Co-Chair of NASIG’s Digital Preservation Committee and also on the ISSN International Centre Technical Advisory Committee in a project development collaboration. She is involved in beta-testing the new ISSN+ tool in support of electronic resource and collections librarians to have the ability to upload localized collection data and retrieve information about the extent of preservation for these titles, based on the ISSN Keepers Registry data.

Webinar Rates:

NASIG members: $35

NASIG student members: $15

NISO members *: $35

SSP members*: $35

NASIG non-member: $50

Group registration: $95

NASIG members should login for member rate.

  • NISO and SSP members should contact the NASIG Continuing Education Committee ( prior to registering in order to receive a priority code used for getting the listed rates.
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