Introducing NASIG @ Mastodon

A core strength of NASIG is its community, and one of the ways we support and strengthen community is through social media including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr. Recently we added another social media site, Mastodon, to our portfolio, and thought it worth explaining the thinking behind this decision.

Twitter is probably our most active social media account. However, like many in the broader information community, we have grown increasingly concerned with recent, highly publicized moves made by the company: its recent change in ownership, mass employee layoffs, rapidly changing policies and guidelines, and issues of censorship on the Internet. Mastodon has emerged as a viable alternative to Twitter, with a rapidly growing user base, many who are coming from Twitter as a result of its volatile situation. We want to be able to serve those users.

Recently, this issue was discussed among NASIG Board members, and they agreed that adding Mastodon to our social media channels made sense. We will continue to keep a watchful eye on Twitter as events unfold, and continue to maintain our presence there. We realize it takes time for change to occur and for people to possibly switch to a newer platform like Mastodon, and we do not want to lose our important Twitter community. If interested, joining Mastodon is easy! Also, here’s a helpful guide to using it.

A poll is now open on Twitter for you to provide input on this whole thing if you are on Twitter. We welcome your participation! The poll will extend through December 23.

Finally, as part of this expansion, our social media account links on the NASIG website and in our blast emails have recently been redesigned with fresh colors and logos. Be sure to follow us on any or all of these social media channels to be part of the engaged NASIG community that we value so much!

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