NASIG 2023 Awards Now Open

One of the best aspects of NASIG is a strong emphasis on enabling participation in our annual conference and in the work of the organization through generous grants, awards, and scholarships. The 2023 awards are officially open to apply!

There are many different ones to choose from, with several aimed toward those already working in our profession as well as ones that are specifically in support of students. Another award facilitates longstanding collaboration between us and our sister organization, UKSG: the John Merriman Joint NASIG/UKSG Award. This award will be given in a more timely way due to the need to facilitate international travel. The Mexican Student Grant Award, a hallmark of NASIG’s longstanding support of participation from colleagues in Mexico, has unfortunately been put on hold for now due to extremely long visa processing requirements.

Please review the entire list including descriptions plus a link to apply on NASIG’s website. Consider applying yourself — spread the word — nominate someone! On behalf of the entire Awards and Recognition Committee, we eagerly look forward to receiving your application.

Emily Ray
Chair, Awards and Recognition Committee

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