Notice Anything Different?

You may have noticed a recent change in our logo and color scheme reflected on our website and social media accounts. The Conference Planning Committee and Board decided to implement a more abstract logo that didn’t reference a place and could be changed via new color schemes in order to be more easily recognizable and not diluted by using a different logo for NASIG-as-a-whole and NASIG-The-Conference. 

Developing a conference theme and logo is one of the most time-consuming and lowest-return tasks for the Conference Planning Committee. The goal of the new logo was to look updated and able to extend the freshness of the design with color scheme changes. While the look and feel of the logo may have changed, the new logo is more dynamic and allows for more permanence and ease of adaptability. The logo is intended to evoke NASIG’s values of transformation and near-constant adaptability in the field of information.

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