September NASIG Webinar: A Model Preservation Policy for Digital Publishers & Preservers

The NASIG Continuing Education Committee and the Digital Preservation committee invite you to come to our first fall 2021 webinar:

A Model Preservation Policy for Digital Publishers & Preservers

September 16th 2 pm Eastern (1 hour)

To ensure digital scholarly content in all formats remains available to future users, all organizations involved in scholarly production and dissemination have a role to take in digital preservation. This webinar will introduce a draft of the NASIG Digital Preservation Model Policy as it moves into the comment and revision stage of development. This evolving policy, designed as a tool to publicize, measure, and grow your organization’s commitment to the preservation of its scholarly assets, includes identifying first step initiatives, activities emerging in the field, and opportunities to share and refine professional experiences.  Whether your organization has an active program or hasn’t yet taken measures to identify at-risk resources, this is an opportunity to learn, share, and strengthen future commitment.  This event will prepare you to participate in submitting comments and provide valued feedback about how your organization’s unique needs fit with this model policy development.

The webinar is free and will take place on 16 September 2021, 2 pm Eastern.

The policy is available for public comment from August to November 30, 2021. To download the draft document, visit or to submit comments, visit

All input is welcome.


Corinne Guimont is the Digital Scholarship Coordinator within Virginia Tech Publishing at Virginia Tech, she focuses on new forms of research and publishing in the arts and humanities. With a background in Information Science, Digital Humanities, and commercial e-textbook publishing, Corinne works with faculty and students to create digital publications utilizing a variety of tools and platforms. Corinne has been on the NASIG Digital Preservation Model Policy Task Force since it began in fall 2020 and joined the task force through the Library Publishing Coalition. 

Grant Hurley serves as the Digital Preservation Librarian at Scholars Portal, the information technology service provider for the Ontario Council of University Libraries. Grant develops and maintains services, infrastructure and training resources for the collaborative preservation of digital research collections into the future. His responsibilities include leading the Scholars Portal Trustworthy Digital Repository for scholarly publications and the Permafrost hosted digital preservation service for unique digital collections held by OCUL members. Grant also serves as an Instructor for the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto and on committees and working groups for NASIG, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, the Canadian Research Knowledge Network, and the Portage Network.

Jeremy Morse is Director of Publishing Technology for the Publishing division of the University of Michigan Library, supporting a range of publishing efforts from the University of Michigan Press to publishing services for the campus and beyond. He is Platform Manager for the Fulcrum publishing platform and is co-PI on the pair of Mellon grants that have funded its launch. His work continues 16 years of supporting library publishing programs at Michigan, and manifests a commitment to the durability of digital scholarship that began while working as the Digital Preservation Specialist at Northwestern University Library.

Jennifer Regala is Director of Publications/Executive Editor at the American Urological Association, where she oversees the publications department, including peer review/production of the AUA’s flagship journal, The Journal of Urology®. Jennifer has worked in scholarly publication for more than 20 years at Cadmus, Sheridan, and the American Society of Plant Biologists.


Registration is free for this event! Register here: 

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