Call for NASIG Committee Volunteers

Now is the time to consider volunteering for one of NASIG’s committees in 2021/2022.

NASIG is an all-volunteer organization, and the work NASIG does is only possible through the energy, time, and service of our volunteers. Whether you are a long-time member or just recently joined, there is a place for you on one of the many standing committees and task forces.

The service year for NASIG runs from the end of one conference to the beginning of the next, and there are a variety of term lengths available, depending on the role.

The Conference Planning or Program Planning Committee are great choices for volunteers that want to shape our largest event of the year. If you want to help craft a high-quality program or ensure the best possible conference experience, consider volunteering for one of these committees.

Awards and Recognition is a great way to champion the best of the best in NASIG and celebrate the excellent work, service, and scholarship of our award recipients.

The Continuing Education Committee (CEC) plans and organizes all our webinars and regional programming and maintains our Core Competencies documents.

Conference Proceedings Editors will have the opportunity to not only prepare our 2022 Conference Proceedings, but also have a hand in reshaping our editorial policies and procedures as we transition to fully Open Access (OA) proceedings in the coming years.

The Equity and Inclusion Committee develops strategies to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in NASIG membership, leadership, programming, and award winners. They also consult with other committees and task forces to ensure that NASIG takes and creates opportunities to incorporate more just and equitable policies, procedures, and programming for all our members and prospective members.

The Digital Preservation Committee is leading the way in raising awareness of and developing tools to reduce the risk of losing vulnerable digital scholarly content.

The Standards Committee promotes the development and implementation of best standards and practices via active work with NISO, COUNTER, and other standards related organizations.

Open Initiatives is working to support all things Open: OA, library-focused open source software communities, and Open Educational Resources.

The Mentoring and Student Outreach Committee works to promote NASIG to prospective members and recruit the next generation of information professionals currently enrolled in library and information science programs.

If behind-the-scenes work is more your style, the Bylaws Committee completes the work to ensure we adhere to and revise our governing documents appropriately.

The Communications Committee maintains our website, email lists, and social media/marketing work.

Membership Services maintains our membership database and works with a variety of other committees regarding membership.

Evaluation and Assessment designs evaluation mechanisms for the conference, preconferences, CEC workshops, and other events, producing and distributing reports for the board and various committees.

The Nominations and Elections Committee shepherds the process for the annual NASIG Executive Board election.

The Newsletter Editorial Board produces the flagship publication for our membership.

There truly is a place for all NASIG members interested in doing the work of NASIG on one of our committees. We will be doing the bulk of the work on committee appointments in April and May.

Fill in the Volunteer Form today, or contact Ted Westervelt, NASIG Vice President/President-Elect, with any questions.

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