Webinar: Streamlining Content Platform Migrations: What do librarians need to know and what you can do to help.

Date: January 21, 2021

Time: 1 PM EST

Description: Despite the tedious preparation by publishers, vendors, and librarians, content platform migrations are rarely seamless. Due to the complexities involved, a problem-free migration is the exception rather than the norm. The NISO Content Platform Migration Working Group was formed to address these challenges and aims to establish recommended practices and checklists to standardize and improve platform migration processes for all stakeholders involved with online content platforms. In this webinar, a librarian and a publisher will share their detailed, yet unique experiences on what happens during content platform migrations.  These perspectives will review the work and planning required to make these events run as smoothly as possible, and the challenges they face when they don’t.  Our publisher-side speaker will describe issues they must consider when their content migrates, such as providing continuous access, persistent linking, communicating with stakeholders, and working with vendors. Our librarian speaker will describe their experience and steps they take during migrations, such as receiving notifications about migrations, identifying affected e-resources, updating local systems to ensure continuous access, and communicating with their front-line staff and patrons.  The Working Group Co-Chairs will close by describing the group’s efforts to-date, expected outcomes and call to action for the audience.  This is a NISO CPM Working Group, NASIG Standards Committee, and NASIG Continuing Education Committee co-sponsored event.


Matthew Ragucci, Associate Product Marketing Director at Wiley, NASIG Standards Committee Chair

Athena Hoeppner, Discovery Services Librarian at University of Central Florida, NISO Content Platform Migration Working Group Co-Chair

Kim Steinle, Library Relations and Sales Manager at Duke University Press, NISO Content Platform Migration Working Group Co-Chair  

Registration Info:

This webinar is free. Register at https://nasig.org/event-4090902

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