September Issue of the NASIG Newsletter Now Available

The NASIG Newsletter team would like to announce the availability of the September issue of the NASIG Newsletter.  We are featuring a profile of our new President, her president’s corner, and the conference evaluation from our first ever online conference!

Volume 35, no. 3 of the NASIG Newsletter is available here:

New for this issue:  Board minutes, committee reports, treasurer reports, and other business reports will be available on the NASIG website instead of in the Newsletter. Please visit this link for reports:

Newsletter Team:

Editor-in-Chief, Angela Dresselhaus  (ProQuest)
Advertising Editor,  Maria Aghazarian (Swarthmore College)
Columns Editor, Kurt Blythe (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
Conference Editor, Marsha Seamans (University of Kentucky)
Copy Editor, Jessica LaBrie (Wellesley College)
Copy Editor, Stephanie Rosenblatt (Cerritos College)
Layout Editor, Faye O’Reilly (Wichita State University)
Profile Editor, Christian Burris (Wake Forest University)
Submissions Editor, Marsha Seamans (University of Kentucky)
Institutional Contact, Kathryn Wesley (Clemson University)

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