Accelerating print-to-digital and the need for Digital Preservation

Disruption in the global supply chain due to COVID-19 has led some publishers to reduce or temporarily put a hold on the production of print journals. Both physical delivery and the ability to hold stock of print publications are affected by shelter-in-place requirements. Librarians may be shifting from print book purchases to eBook purchases due to disruptions in the print supply chain and the need for digital access for students and researchers..

Whether these changes in policy or approach continue or are expanded further beyond the end of current measures related to the pandemic remains to be seen. Publishers who have previously reduced or eliminated their print journals may have advice to offer publishers reconsidering their workflow processes. Libraries may also want to look at workflows around publications which they may now need or want to consume digitally, either due to practical constraints around conventional reader access to print counterparts, or their lack of availability.

The need for digital preservation for digital only publications is reinforced by these current and perhaps ongoing changes. Digital Preservation organizations may wish to expand their educational outreach efforts to reach new players who are unfamiliar with key services. Librarians should check in with providers who are ceasing print delivery to ensure that they participate in the relevant initiatives.

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