NASIG Newsletter Incoming Editor-in-Chief Position

Dear NASIG members,

The NASIG Newsletter has an opening for Incoming Editor-in-Chief starting immediately.  This volunteer position will work closely with the current Editor-in-Chief (EiC) through the 2020 Conference (June 8-12, 2020) and will subsequently take over as EiC to serve a two year term (2020/2021-2021/2022).  There is the possibility of extending this to a second term.  The Editor-in-Chief position requires approximately 1-2 hours/week typically with a bit more time the month before each quarterly issue (e.g. March, May, September, and December).  If you have any questions about this position, please email me at  If you are interested in serving in this position, please email your letter of interest by March 31, 2020 to

A position description is below.

Editor-in-Chief (2 year term, with a 2 term limit)

Position Description: The Editor-in-Chief works closely with the Newsletter Editorial Board members, the NASIG President and Board, and other NASIG committees and members, to ensure timely and effective production of the NASIG Newsletter, and to develop and implement improvements for its process, policies, content, structure, and appearance.


  • Ensures the Newsletter fulfills its purposes as defined by the Executive Board
  • Maintains the publication schedule and roster
  • Oversees all Newsletter concerns
  • Coordinates production processes
  • Receives and approves submissions
  • Maintains the Newsletter online manual
  • Represents the Newsletter at NASIG Board meetings as an ex-officio of the Board
  • Serves as the primary Newsletter contact for NASIG and non-NASIG groups
  • Handles all administrative tasks required by Newsletter processes
  • Proof-reads all drafts of all versions of each issue
  • Provides training, support, and guidance to Newsletter Editorial Board members as needed
  • Handles the process of filling vacant Newsletter Editorial Board positions, and ensures related tasks are completed during vacancies
  • Consults with Executive Board liaison as needed
  • Provides all short-term and long-term planning needed for effective and efficient functioning of the Newsletter and its Editorial Board

Hours/week: 1-2 hours/week typically, 3-4 hours/week the month before an issue is published.

Lori Duggan
Editor-in-Chief, NASIG Newsletter

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