NASIG 2020 Election Slate

The following individuals are slated to appear on the ballot for the 2019 election:

Vice President/President-Elect (3-year term beginning 2020/2021)

  • Mandy Hurt (Duke University)
  • Ted Westervelt (Library of Congress)

Member At Large (3 to be elected; 2 will serve a 3-year term beginning 2020/2021, 1 will serve 2-year terms beginning 2020/2021)

  • Lisa Barricella (East Carolina University)
  • Katy DiVittorio (Auraria Library, Denver, CO)
  • Mary Ann Jones (Mississippi State University)
  • Laurie Kaplan (ProQuest)
  • Courtney McAllister (Yale Law School)
  • Jennifer Pate (University of North Alabama)
  • Maria Stanton (ATLA)

Ballots, voting instructions, petition candidate instructions, and candidate profiles are forthcoming and information about each will be distributed in separate email messages. Please address any questions to: Madeline Kelly, Chair, NASIG Nominations & Elections Committee 2019/2020,

Many thanks for your participation!

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