NASIG Board seeks comments on proposed model for tiered membership fees

At the Members Forum at this year’s NASIG conference, several attendees raised the possibility of introducing a tiered system of membership that would offer a lower rate based on salary. This new membership structure would be rolled out alongside the already approved regular membership dues increase from $75 to $100, scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2020.

Taking into account this feedback, the Board proposes the following membership fee schedule:

Regular Members, salary range $50,000 or above – $100 USD
Regular Members, salary range up to $50,000 – $75 USD
Retired Members – $25 USD
Student Members – Free
Lifetime Members – $1000 USD (one time fee)
Organizational Members – $195 USD

Salary has been used as the dividing line between the regular membership tiers to achieve equity between members in all position types and geographic locations. Members will self-report their tier using the honor system.

The Board welcomes comments from the NASIG membership about the proposed fee schedule, and will take all comments into account before the final fees are announced. Public discussion of this proposal can be sent to NASIG-L. To submit a comment anonymously, please use the form found at:

Please submit all feedback by September 6th.

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