NASIG webinar: CORAL: One System, Three Perspectives

Carla Clark
Xiaoyan Song
Heather Wilson
Originally aired April 26, 2018. Re-recorded on June 17, 2019.

At SirsiDynix, Carla oversees development of the web-based circulation and mobile circulation clients, and she coordinates the company’s development efforts for CORAL. For customers who need tools to manage electronic resources, SirsiDynix offers hosting and support services for CORAL. Carla will talk about how SirsiDynix reached the decision to leverage an open-source system to satisfy customer requirements, and the mutually beneficial partnership that has developed between SirsiDynix and the CORAL developer community.

The Acquisition and Discovery department at NCSU Libraries have been using CORAL to manage acquisition and other technical services workflows since 2013. In this session, Song will share how CORAL has helped streamline their technical service workflows, especially the acquisition workflows. She’ll also touch on lessons learned from their participation in the CORAL project.

While many libraries are seeking to centralize their systems, Caltech Library focuses more on building connections between existing systems through metadata enhancement and integrations. CORAL has become a central part of that approach, allowing the Library to capture unique collection information and bring in metadata from existing systems. In this session, Wilson will discuss how Caltech’s involvement in the development, governance, and community of CORAL have helped the library build stronger tools for local system integration.

License: cc-by
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