NASIG Membership Dues Increase Passes

At the Members Forum of the NASIG 34th Annual Conference, a motion passed to increase the regular membership rate from $75 to $100, with 59 votes in favor and 18 opposed. The new rate will be effective January 1, 2020. Student, retiree, and lifetime member rates will not change.

The Executive Board regrets having to raise rates, but the increase is necessary to support the continued costs of the organization, as well as the initiative to publish the NASIG Proceedings in the Gold Open Access journal Insights. We appreciate the support of NASIG’s members in approving this increase and will do our best to continue providing the high-quality services you have come to expect.

At the Members Forum, several people raised the possibility of introducing a tiered system of membership that would offer lower rates for paraprofessionals and early-career librarians. The Board is considering the logistics of a tiered system and will aim to hold another vote before the rate increase takes effect on January 1.

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