NASIG User/Discussion Group Meetings at #NASIG19

NASIG will host 4 discussion/user group sessions at this year’s Annual Conference ( on Wednesday, June 5 from 1:00-3:00.   These groups are open for all attendees.  Please come by and join your colleagues in conversation.

User/Discussion Group Meeting – Now Streaming: Mediated vs. Unmediated and Other Dilemmas

Facilitator:  Heather Crozier, Ohio Northern University

Many libraries using popular PDA programs for streaming video experienced a significant surge in popularity and spending in the past year and are looking into various alternatives, including mediated purchasing and the increase in workload that accompanies it. This group will provide an opportunity for an in-person conversation allowing us to share best practices, alternative options, and other discussion related to streaming video.

User/Discussion Group Meeting – OpenAthens and Issues in Authentication and Access

Facilitator:  Donna Bennett, Georgia College and State University

In addition to the discussion topic of OpenAthens,  this group might also discuss issues about authentication and access in general, which might be provider neutral, and include procedures for offering access to walkin users, user experience, usage data collection, privacy, dual factor authentication, working with campus IT, etc.  Even if a library doesn’t use OpenAthens, but uses EZProxy or a different system, they might also contribute to and benefit from this conversation.

User/Discussion Group Meeting – Systems & Interlibrary Loan Librarian Discussion

Facilitator:  Jean Charlot, Delaware State University

Topic:  Student success and the Intersection of Interlibrary Loan/Resource Sharing, Electronic Resources and Discovery Tools.

Discussion during his session will focus on the following:

  1. How Interlibrary Loan/Resource Sharing and Discovery works to provide access to materials
  2. Collaboration — university community awareness of library services for additional research needs
  3. Positive or negative experiences with these services.

User/Discussion Group Meeting -A Collaborative Approach to Driving User Awareness

Facilitator:  Sara Rotjan, AIP Publishing

How do your faculty and students learn about the resources that are available to them and what scholarly content they have access to? During this session we’ll share the results of a recent survey focusing on the challenges around driving user awareness. And we’ll have an open discussion around how to effectively promote your digital resources. Come prepared to explore ways that librarians and publishers can collaborate on the common challenge of driving awareness.

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