Bridging the Gap: NASIG & UKSG Working Towards Open Access Conference Proceedings



February 4, 2019

Bridging the Gap: NASIG & UKSG Working Towards Open Access Conference Proceedings

Open Access publication is a democratizing force advocated by many in the library and information community. NASIG’s vision outlines our stance to improve the distribution of information resources in all formats. We are taking a step forward by pursuing a partnership with the UKSG to publish the 2021 NASIG Conference Proceedings in the Open Access journal, Insights.

Andrew Barker, Chair of UKSG said:

“NASIG is a very important collaborative partner for UKSG, and we have a long tradition of working together. We are delighted by NASIG’s decision to pursue this partnership in offering its Conference Proceedings through the UKSG open access journal, Insights.  This will give UKSG and NASIG the opportunity of broadening the reach of both UKSG Insights and NASIG’s Conference Proceedings through an Open Access model that will ensure that all of us within the knowledge community can benefit from the great work that’s taking place in our international community”.

Former NASIG Presidents serving on the Insights Editorial Board share their support:

“NASIG conferences provide a huge amount of practical and insightful information every year, and I’m very excited to see the organization moving in the direction of making this information freely available. This will be a great benefit to the world of scholarly communication.”  -Rick Anderson, NASIG President 2009/2010

“NASIG has always been one of the premier organizations providing mentorship and pathways to LIS students and early career librarians. The decision to move the NASIG Proceedings to an open scholarship environment benefits everyone involved in the LIS community and we should support this initiative wholeheartedly.”  -Jill Emery, NASIG President 2008/2009

Today, NASIG makes this commitment, but we need your support to meet fundraising goals. In the coming months NASIG will be releasing a series of initiatives aimed at generating $25,000 a year to support Open Access.  Join us at the NASIG conference in Pittsburgh, PA to learn more!

Angela Dresselhaus
NASIG President 2018/2019



Andrew Barker
UKSG Chair

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1 Response to Bridging the Gap: NASIG & UKSG Working Towards Open Access Conference Proceedings

  1. Angela Dresselhaus says:

    We are really excited to move this important imitative forward!

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