Vendor and Publisher Engagement Task Force

NASIG is forming a new Task Force to implement vendor and publisher focused initiatives in the NASIG Strategic Plan. The Plan addresses the importance of building value for our publisher and vendor members.  Strategic Direction #5 states that NASIG will work to enhance benefits to all members, with a particular emphasis on members from the commercial sector.

Since its inception, NASIG has consisted of members drawn from the library and publisher/vendor communities. To attract and assure continued publisher/vendor involvement, NASIG will need to offer appropriate opportunities and benefits. NASIG has actively solicited commercial sponsorships for the past decade. As the publisher/vendor landscape evolves and in some cases, consolidates, the need for a review of opportunities and benefits has become more acute.


  • During the two year term, June 2019-June 2021, determine if a permanent committee is needed; if so,  recommend a committee name,  a final committee charge, and establish a guiding document for the work of the committee.
  • Implement the Key Actions listed in the NASIG Strategic Plan, 2017-2021
    • Set up jointly-run NASIG and vendor webinars to highlight or demo a product or service, to be presented without charge to the attendees.
    • Create a workflow to solicit  and publish customer reviews of products, either on the website or in the Newsletter (product spotlight).
    • Set aside time in the conference schedule for user groups/focus groups and/or juried product forums for vendors. This could also be done in an online format.
    • Market our value to the vendors and make sure they understand what NASIG is and does.
    • Proactively reach out to the commercial sector when we have relevant programmatic content that matches their interests to improve the vendor-librarian dialogue.

Maria Hatfield, Chair
Publisher and Vendor Representatives
Library Representatives

Board Liaison, Beth Ashmore

To volunteer for the task force, please fill out the Volunteer Application and select Vendor and Publisher Engagement Task Force as one of your committee preferences. Please contact NASIG Vice President Kristen Wilson at with any questions.

Thank you!


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