NASIG Digital Preservation Task Force Guides

One of the tasks the Digital Preservation Task Force is charged with is raising awareness about digital preservation initiatives. To that end, the Task Force has created three reference guides:

The Guides are intended to be a jumping off point for further research and discovery about digital preservation. Digital Preservation 101 is a broad introduction to digital preservation, lists relevant digital preservation initiatives, and links to several other applicable resources. The Guide to the Keepers Registry provides insight into how you may begin evaluating the preservation status of the digital scholarship in your collection. Talking Points and Questions to Ask Publishers about Digital Preservation offers direction about how to include digital preservation in conversations with your publishers and vendors.

Please share these guides with your colleagues. The Task Force welcomes any feedback or suggestions. Please email the committee at:

DPTF Members Wendy Robertson and Heather Staines will be joined by Jeremy Morse (University of Michigan) in discussion about digital preservation at the Library Publishing Coalition Forum on Tuesday, May 22 at 10am (Central Time).

DPTF Members Shannon Keller and Wendy Robertson will be joined by Kim Steinle (Duke University Press) to give an update about the task force’s work and recent developments with digital preservation initiatives at the NASIG Annual Conference. The session is on Saturday, June 9 at 10:45am.

Digital Preservation Task Force

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