It is not too late to sign up to be a Mentee or Mentor for the First-Timers Reception

It is not too late to sign up to be a Mentee or Mentor for the First-Timers Reception.

Deadline to apply is Friday, May 4, 2018


NASIG’s Mentoring Group is again sponsoring a Conference Mentoring Program to help make new conference attendees feel more at ease, highlight membership benefits, and create networking opportunities. The program will match experienced NASIG conference attendees with new conference goers.

The only requirement to be a mentee is attendance at the 33rd Annual NASIG Conference in Atlanta, GA.

To be a mentor, we ask you have attended a previous NASIG conference, be willing to make contact with your mentee prior to the conference, and be willing to meet with your mentee at the conference. Of course, we hope you will also check on your mentee during the conference, especially at group social events, just to make sure they are not lonely.

We invite all mentees and mentors to the First-timers Reception on Friday, June 8th. This is a great time to meet up with your mentor or mentee for the first time and get to know one another.

The deadline for applications will be Friday, May 4, 2018. After all applications are received, we will contact you with the name of your partner. This program has been very successful for several years and we look forward to your participation this year!

Click here to sign up to be a mentor or mentee.

Please feel free to contact me or any committee member for additional information about the mentoring program.

Trina Holloway, chair,
Nadine Ellero, member,
Sandy Folsom, member,
Rachel Lundberg, member,

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