2nd Call for NASIG Conference Proceedings Editors

Hello all,

NASIG is seeking candidates to join the team of editors of the Conference Proceedings to serve a term of two years beginning May 2018.

We are seeking excellent writers who have editing experience and are able to work under tight deadlines. The editors will form a team to prepare the online and print edition of the Proceedings. The Proceedings editors will recruit, select and organize volunteers who will take detailed notes at each program. A major responsibility will be communicating the requirements for the published Proceedings to conference speakers. Before the conference, speakers will be advised on submission formats, deadlines, and copyright requirements. After the conference, the editors will work with speakers on revisions. The editors must be diplomatic but firm about NASIG’s requirements.

The editors work under the general direction of the NASIG Executive Board Liaison. Specific qualifications include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • NASIG membership
  • Prior editing/publishing experience
  • Demonstrated writing ability
  • Ability to complete editorial work between July and March

Preference will be given to those applicants who address the specific qualifications listed above. Appointment is subject to approval by the NASIG Executive Board. To apply, send an e-mail by April 19 outlining your specific qualifications and experience to Angela Dresselhaus, Proceedings Board Liaison at: dresselhausa15@ecu.edu. Please include as attachments and/or links your current resume and writing samples.

For further information, contact:
Angela Dresselhaus
email: dresselhausa15@ecu.edu
phone: 252-328-2266

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