Reminder: Early bird registration rates, NASIG On Demand, CFPs for Great Ideas Showcase and Snapshot Sessions Deadline, and Preconferences!

The 33rd Annual NASIG Conference is only a few months away! Early bird registration rates are available through May 11, with a special discount for NASIG members. Registration for the full conference includes NASIG on Demand: Features of the 2018 Conference, NASIG’s newest offering, which consists of recordings of six concurrent sessions that cover a variety of important topics touching on the conference theme of “Transforming the Information Community.” Those who are unable to join us in person have the option of purchasing access to these recordings for $149 for individuals (or $49 for students) and $249 for groups. For more information about NASIG on Demand, including the sessions that will be offered, see here.

Great Ideas Showcase and Snapshot Sessions Proposals

Did you submit your Great Ideas Showcase and Snapshot Session proposals for the 33rd NASIG conference? You have time until March 30, 2018!

The Great Ideas Showcase will be held on Saturday from 5-6pm, and the Snapshot Sessions will be held on Sunday from 2-3pm. Presenters must be available to discuss their showcases or present their snapshots during that time.

The Great Ideas Showcase will provide an opportunity to share innovative ideas, new workflows, and new applications of technology in an interactive and informal setting. Great Ideas can be demonstrated in a variety of ways – posters, laptops, tablets, e-readers, etc. Participants will be given a table or poster board (4’ x 6’) to showcase their idea to attendees, depending on their need.

The Snapshot Sessions will consist of up to eight 5-minute presentations with a focus on an idea, project, workflow, etc.  If you’ve always wanted to speak at NASIG, but haven’t felt like you had enough to say for a full session, this is a great opportunity for you.

Proposals may present a report of a research study, an analysis of a practical problem-solving effort, or a description of an innovative program that may be of interest to the NASIG community. Proposals should name any particular products or services that are integral to the content of the showcase or snapshot. However, as a matter of NASIG policy, showcases and snapshots should not be used as a venue to promote or attack any product, service, or institution.

Submit your Great Ideas Showcase proposal here:

Submit your Snapshot Session proposal here:

Register for a Preconference!

Did you check out the four great preconferences we have scheduled for you? Register for one or more preconferences now at the early bird rate!

Day 1:
A Beginner’s Guide to MarcEdit 7 – Speaker: Terry Reese – full day
Introduction to Serials Cataloging with RDA – Speaker: Steven Shadle – full day

Day 2:
Beyond “Set it and Forget it”: Proactively Managing Your EZproxy Server -Speaker: Jenny Rosenfeld – half day
Linked Data for Serials – Speakers: Amber Billey and Robert Rendall – full day

Day 1

Title: A Beginner’s Guide to MarcEdit 7
Speaker: Terry Reese

Released at the end of 2017, MarcEdit 7 represents the most recent version of the MarcEdit software suite.  So, whether you are just hearing about MarcEdit, or have used it for years and interested in learning how you might be able to improve your existing workflows and processing – this preconference will endeavor to provide you with the tools that you need to take your MarcEdit skills to the next level.  Presented by the software creator, the preconference offers attendees and opportunity to learn using real-world questions address issues like automation, regular expressions, and common MARC processing questions.  Additionally, this presentation will look at new functionality in MarcEdit 7…from new linked data functionality, deeper integrations with OCLC, and new tools related to clustering and accessibility – this preconference will give users the opportunity to see not only what MarcEdit can do today, but where it is going.

Primary Audience:  Novice to Power MarcEdit users.  What will not be covered is scripting/programming using MarcEdit.  Additionally, regular expressions will only be an overview – a deep discussion of regular expressions is out of scope for this session

Title: Introduction to Serials Cataloging with RDA
Speaker: Steven Shadle

Resource Description and Access (RDA) is the cataloging standard that replaced AACR2. This Basic Serials Cataloging Workshop, part of the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program, will offer an introduction to cataloging serials with RDA. It will cover RDA and CONSER standards, RDA core elements and terminology, transcribed versus recorded elements, new or revised areas of information, and creation of new records and serial maintenance. Attendees will participate in hands-on exercises which will include use of tools and documentation in support of cataloging with RDA. Access to the PowerPoint presentation will be given to participants ahead of the workshop via email.

Day 2:

Title: Linked Data for Serials
Speakers: Amber Billey and Robert Rendall

Are you baffled by BIBFRAME? Overwhelmed by ontologies? Or feeling turmoil about Turtle? Then this workshop is for you. Learn the practical foundations of Linked Data with a particular focus on serials in this one-day workshop. The presenters will go beyond just talking about RDF triples and actually break down linked data technology and how its application can be utilized for serials. Topics to be covered:

  •    Linked Data 101
  •    Ontology Basics
  •    Turtle Tutorial
  •    Other ontologies for libraries
  •    CONSER Standard Record to BIBFRAME 2.0 Mapping
  •    Current hot topics in serials and linked data

Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop. The presenters will be demonstrating online linked data tools that attendees will have the opportunity to use, and the workshop will include hands-on exercises working with ontologies and creating linked data descriptions of serials.

Title: Beyond “Set it and Forget it”: Proactively Managing Your EZproxy Server
Speaker: Jenny Rosenfeld

When was the last time you really took a deep dive into your EZproxy configuration? Many EZproxy administrators are happy that EZproxy “just works,” but they may be missing critical opportunities to provide better access to their e-resources. In this workshop, Jenny Rosenfeld, Senior Implementation Program Manager at OCLC, will share a simple monthly routine to help reduce your patrons’ barriers to access and identify potential security concerns. We’ll also cover current topics of interest to the EZproxy community, such as how to modify database stanzas to support HTTPS, for both OCLC-hosted and self-hosted customers.

Inquiries may be sent to the NASIG PPC Chair and Vice-Chair, Violeta Ilik and Maria Collins at

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