NASIG 2018 Election Results

The Nominations & Elections Committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2018 election. Those elected to office are as follows:

Vice-President/President Elect

  • Kristen Wilson, North Carolina State University


  • Beth Ashmore, Samford University


  • Lisa Martincik, University of Iowa
  • Marsha Seamans, University of Kentucky
  • Steve Shadle, University of Washington

Online votes to change the Bylaws require participation from 2/3 of the membership. Based on the current directory, this would mean that 465 of our 706 members needed to vote, but the last round of voting only had 107 participants (103 voting yes and 4 voting no). As the vote failed to reach the 2/3 threshold, it cannot be considered valid. The Bylaws Committee along with the Board are considering next steps.

On behalf of the Nominations & Elections Committee, we would like to extend warm congratulations to the elected candidates, as well as sincere thanks to all the candidates who were willing to stand for office.

Nominations & Elections Committee

Erika Ripley, Chair

Stephanie Adams, Vice-Chair

Joe Badics

Molly Galey

Bethany Greene

Virginia Martin

Pat Rodgers

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