Request for Serials Spoken Here Submissions

The “Serials Spoken Here” column in Serials Review is seeking contributors to cover the following sessions at the upcoming ALA Midwinter Conference in Denver:

Resource Access for the 21st Century: Toward A Modern Access Architecture;
CaMMS Forum (ALCTS CaMMS): Cooperatively Conscientious Cataloging;
Subject Analysis Committee II (ALCTS CaMMS): FAST-Wikipedia Linking;
Who’s The Boss: Letting Data Drive, But Not Dictate Selection with Evidence-Based Acquisition;
RDA Toolkit Redesign Update and Preview

We would also like to welcome contributions on continuing resources-related interest groups, committees, forums, and discussions such as the following:

Access to Continuing Resources Interest Group (ALCTS CRS);
Continuing Resources Standards Forum (ALCTS CRS);
Electronic Resources Management Interest Group (LITA ALCTS);
Technical Services Managers in Academic Libraries Interest Group (ALCTS);
Technical Services Workflow Efficiency Interest Group (ALCTS);
Creative Ideas in Technical Services Interest Group (ALCTS);
Publisher/Vendor/Library Relations Interest Group Forum (ALCTS);
Scholarly Communication Discussion (ACRL STS);
Research and Scholarly Environment Committee Meeting (ACRL)

…and more!

Remember that this is an excellent way to inform colleagues who are not able to attend Midwinter. If you wish, please get in touch with me for more details about contributing to the column.

Much appreciated,

Treasa Bane
column co-editor, Serials Review


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