2017-2021 NASIG Strategic Plan

A new NASIG Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 is now available, having been approved by the NASIG Executive Board this past summer. The Board is grateful for the hard work of members of the NASIG Strategic Plan Implementation Task Force:

Joyce Tenney, Chair
Virginia Bacon Martin
Carol Ann (Borchert) Davis
Kittie Henderson
Betsy Hughes
Steve Kelley
Angie Thorpe

The new plan grew out of a few important developments. In 2015, the NASIG Board established the Financial Planning Task Force to take a long-term view of NASIG’s finances, set benchmarks and timelines, and to establish financial goals for the next five years. Their work and recommendations fed into the next step, when October Ivins (former NASIG President (1994/95)) worked with the Board for a full day of strategic planning in early 2016. Many great ideas came out of that session, and several of them have already been implemented. The Board appointed a Strategic Plan Implementation Task Force to draft the final strategic plan for the remaining items, and we are very pleased with the result.


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