HARRASSOWITZ Announces 2017 Charleston Conference Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to former NASIG Board and longtime NASIG member Christian Burris on winning HARRASSOWITZ’s 2017 Charleston Conference Scholarship!

HARRASSOWITZ, international booksellers and subscription agents, is pleased to award the 2017 Charleston Conference Scholarship to Christian Burris, Serials Acquisitions Coordinator at Wake Forest University. Mr. Burris was awarded the $1,000 scholarship to attend the conference, which takes place November 6-10 in Charleston, South Carolina.

In support of the 2017 conference theme of “What’s Past is Prologue”, applicants for this year’s scholarship were asked to submit a short essay on the topic “What does ‘What’s Past is Prologue’ mean to libraries and vendors?” In his winning essay, Mr. Burris points out that “both libraries and vendors are faced with questions regarding emerging technologies”, and goes on by saying that:

It is into this new landscape that libraries and vendors now find themselves, but past endeavors have prepared both groups for what is to come. By working together, libraries and vendors have advanced their respective reaches, and worlds that were once viewed separately are intrinsically linked. They both retain individual identities, but they can collectively bring a wealth of experience and knowledge using their respective skills. The next development to revolutionize academia is always on the horizon, but using the information from past developments can serve as a reminder of how to prepare for it.

“’What’s past is prologue’”, he concludes, “serves as an adage to revere, but for libraries and vendors it can serve as a plan of action.”

Judging the submissions were: Clint Chamberlain, Educational Resource Support Officer, Dallas County Community College District; Lynda Fuller Clendenning, Head of the Acquisitions Division at Indiana University in Bloomington; and Justin Clarke, HARRASSOWITZ’s Director of Sales and Marketing for North America.

“HARRASSOWITZ is pleased to once again provide a travel scholarship to someone who has never attended the Charleston Conference”, Justin Clarke said. “The panel of judges appreciated Christian Burris’ positive outlook of the future and his value of partnerships amongst vendors, libraries, and their patrons. We look forward to having Christian join us at the Charleston Conference this year and are confident he will find it a unique and rewarding experience.”

The complete essay can be viewed here.

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