Congratulations to our 2017 Award Winners!

The NASIG Awards & Recognition committee is pleased to announce the 2017 award winners:

First-Timer Award:

Ricardo Andrade, Columbia University

Kimberly DeRosa, University of Colorado – Denver

Moon Kim, California State University – Fullerton

Katherine Mason, Eastern Michigan University

Dejah Rubel, Ferris State University


 Fritz Schwartz Serials Education Scholarship:

Celia Gavett, University at Buffalo


Horizon Award (sponsored by EBSCO):

Fiona McNabb, PubMed Central


 John Merriman Joint NASIG/UKSG Award:

Melissa Cantrell (NASIG), University of Colorado – Denver

Eimear Evans (UKSG), Queen’s University – Belfast (sponsored by Taylor & Francis)


 John Riddick Student Grant:

Bethany Greene, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Courtney McAllister – University of South Carolina – Columbia  

Sarah Paige, University of North Texas


Mexican Student Grant Award:

Eva Gabriela Leyva Contreras, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Paraprofessional Specialist Award:

Patrick Kenney, Wheaton College

Tamara Finch, Ferris State University


Rose Robischon Scholarship:

Katy DiVittorio, University of Colorado – Denver

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1 Response to Congratulations to our 2017 Award Winners!

  1. Dean Teagan says:

    EBSCO spreads millions around the country in the form of “awards” and “grants”. Is it hush money? EBSCO is now at the center of a nation wide scandal for its role in apparently advertising for the 95 billion dollar Porn Industry – to a target audience of K-12 school databases. EBSCO named to the 2017 Dirty Dozen list by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and the subject of recent CBS Denver and Fox Birmingham news stories and . Under enormous community pressure, EBSCO has publicly admitted there are problems, but continues to falsely advertise it’s K-12 products as safe and “age appropriate” for school kids. EBSCO caught streaming “erotic fiction”, live links to hard core porn, articles that advertise and lead to playboy mansion, mindgeek, vivid, a myriad of ads for “sex toy shops” and the list goes on. Check out the facts – is EBSCO pimping for the Porn Industry? What would that say about the librarians and administrators who take money from them?

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