Proposed Changes to Bylaws

Submitted by the Executive Board & the Bylaws Committee

The following proposed changes are being distributed to the membership for discussion and a vote. In accordance with the bylaws, there will be a thirty day discussion period. The ballot period will run simultaneously and end twelve days after the end of the discussion period. Therefore, you will have six weeks (forty-two days) from the date of this announcement to complete your ballot.

The ballot will be automatically presented to members when they log in to the NASIG website. Note that if your browser normally keeps you logged into the site, you will need to log out and then log back in before you see the ballot.


Changes are largely updates to reflect current organizational practice, correct inconsistencies and typos, and to add a petition process. Changes are outlined in detail in this .pdf.


These bylaws changes began with an Executive Board request to add language to outline a petition process, remove references to a defunct membership category, and to update the organization objectives to better reflect our new vision and mission statements. The Bylaws Committee also took the opportunity to do a thorough review of the bylaws for style and consistency.


If passed, the majority of these changes would require no implementation, except for the petition process. The Executive Board will need to create a petition template, which they are already in the process of doing. If the changes are approved, The Board will make the petition template available to the membership.

Please share your comments on NASIG-L.

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