NASIG’s April Webinar: Planning for the Budget-ocalypse: The Evolution of a Serials/ER Cancellation Methodology – April 20, 2015

NASIG‘s Continuing Education Committee is pleased to present the following webinar:

Planning for the Budget-ocalypse: The Evolution of a Serials/ER Cancellation Methodology

Date: April 20, 2015
Time: 2 pm (EDT)
Length: 1 hour
Registration deadline: April 19, 2015

Webinar Rates:
NASIG members: $35
NASIG non-member: $50
Group registration: $95


The University of North Texas Libraries are funded almost entirely by undergraduate student use fees.   As the undergraduate enrollment has plateaued in recent years, the libraries have not been able to keep up with rising costs, resulting in a series of cuts to the materials budget totaling nearly $4 million.  While some of these cuts took the form of reductions in firm orders and dissolution of approval plans, for the past three years the bulk have come from cancellations of serials and electronic resources.  With each year’s cuts, the UNT Collection Development department has been forced to modify and refine their deselection process. This presentation will show the development of UNT’s strategy for determining cancellations using a variety of methods (overlap analysis, usage statistics, faculty input) and tools (EBSCO Usage Consolidation, Serials Solutions 360).


Todd Enoch
Head, Serials and Electronic Resources Unit
UNT Libraries

Todd Enoch obtained his MLS from the University of North Texas while working in their library as a staff member, first in Cataloging and later in Serials. He is currently the Head of Serials and Electronic Resources for the UNT Libraries in Denton, TX.

Karen Harker
Collection Assessment Librarian
UNT LIbraries

Karen Harker received her MLS from Texas Woman’s University in 1999 while librarian at UT Southwestern, followed by her MPH from UT School of Public Health in 2007.  During her two years as Collection Assessment Librarian at UNT Libraries, Karen Harker has developed methods for regularly collecting data about the Libraries’ resources that can be used as needed for routine (and not so routine) budget modifications, as well as ad hoc resource evaluations. Prior to joining UNT Libraries, Karen was biostatistician for clinical trial at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas.

Link to register:

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