Vote on Name Change Announced

In the September issue of the NASIG Newsletter, President Steve Kelley described the interest in changing the organization’s name to simply NASIG.

“There has been discussion among the membership for several years that the full name of our organization, the North American Serials Interest Group, is no longer apt. The term “interest group” seems to diminish the scope of our organization, and makes it sound like we are a smaller sub-group of a larger organization, when we are really an independent society. Also, the term “serials” in our name can be somewhat misleading. The truth is, when some people hear “serials” in our name, they think that we only deal with print serials, instead of the wide range of resources and issues that we deal with (electronic resources, licensing, scholarly communications, and, yes, print serials).”

The membership was invited to discuss the issue and several alternative names were suggested. NASIG Bylaws required a two-thirds majority to pass a name change, and as Kelley notes in his December President’s Corner, “We knew that if we offered several name choices, no one name choice was probably ever going to receive a two-thirds majority.” The vote went to the membership in late December to change the name to NASIG.

The Bylaws Committee is pleased to announce that the proposed amendment to the Bylaws changing the organization’s name to NASIG was overwhelmingly passed by the vote of the membership. –Marsha Seamans, Chair, Bylaws Committee and Steve Kelley, NASIG President.

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