Proposed Amendment to NASIG Bylaws

The following proposed amendment is being distributed to the NASIG membership by the committee responsible for bylaws. In accordance with the bylaws, we will have a 30 day discussion period ending December 20, 2014, after which a ballot will be made available. You will have six (6) weeks (42 days) to complete your ballot.

Proposed Amendment to Bylaws

Submitted by the Executive Board

1. Proposal to change the name of the organization

Relevant section of bylaws currently states:

Article I. Name.
The name of this group shall be the North American Serials Interest Group, Inc. (NASIG).

Proposed change:

Article I. Name.
The name of this group shall be NASIG, Inc.


The current name of our organization gives the impression that we are concerned with serials matters to the exclusion of all other concerns. The new name NASIG is free of the connotation of being focused exclusively on serials, but it retains the brand equity we have built up in the name over the past 30 years.


If passed, this amendment would require the Executive Board to immediately pursue the legal necessities required to change the name of our organization as an incorporated body.

Please share your comments on NASIG-L. You can find a refresher on signing up for NASIG-L here. The discussion period ends December 20, 2014.

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