Celebrate Innovation with the Ingram Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management – nominations due Dec 1, 2014

2015 Ingram Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management

Do you know someone whose work represents the finest achievements and leadership in collaboration and innovation? Celebrate their accomplishments by submitting a nomination to the 2015 Ingram Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management!

The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) honors an individual and/or group whose significant activities demonstrate excellence in:

  • Building and managing new types of electronic collections and materials
  • Addressing selection issues and processes for electronic resources
  • Creating effective organizational structures for the workflow management and development of electronic resource collections
  • Increasing visibility, discovery and user access to electronic library resources
  • Sharing what they have learned through publications, presentations, webinars, etc.

Past award winners include:

  • Marie Kennedy for her work as the principal investigator of the Collaborative Marketing for Electronic Resources project (100 participants from 32 academic institutions) training librarians on creating a marketing plan for electronic resources, which later led to the book, Marketing Your Library’s Electronic Resources.
  • Angela Carreño for her creative leadership in developing and implementing models for the management, accessibility, and economic attainment of electronic books through partnerships on state, national, and international levels for almost a decade.

The award is presented during the American Library Association Annual Conference, and the recipient receives a citation and a $2,000 award generously donated by Ingram Coutts Information Services.

Nominations and supporting materials are due December 1, 2014 and should include:

Name, address, phone number and email address of each nominee and nominating party.

Formal statement of nomination that includes a rationale, a description of any projects that the nominee has initiated and successfully completed.

Additional letters of support and endorsement from others that provide additional evidence of worthiness of the nominee.

Self-nominations will not be accepted.  Current employees of Ingram Information Services and its subsidiaries are not eligible for the award.

Please email nominations to: Denise Pan, chair, Ingram Coutts Award Jury, denise.pan@ucdenver.edu

Additional information is available online at


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