NASIG and SERIALST: Breaking news!

Dear NASIG members,

NASIG is pleased and honored to announce that we will be taking on the moderation of the long-standing listserv SERIALST as a service to the serials community.

The sudden and tragic passing of Birdie MacLennan last March left a hole in NASIG and in the wider serials community.  Birdie was a founder and the list owner of the SERIALST listserv, and her passing threw the future of SERIALST into doubt.  Birdie’s home institution would like to transition the list elsewhere, and the remaining moderators, Ann Ercelawn, Bob Persing and Stephen Clark, thought NASIG might be a good match.  In April, the SERIALST moderators began discussions with the NASIG Executive Board to see if NASIG was interested in taking on the management of SERIALST.  NASIG will be a
good home for SERIALST, and our Communications & Marketing Committee (CMC, formerly ECC) already have the expertise of managing the NASIG lists.  Beth Ashmore, currently on the CMC, has graciously agreed to be the main SERIALST moderator for NASIG, with the rest of the CMC available to back her up and assist her.  Because NASIG is not tied to a particular academic institution, the future of the list will not be tied to the presence of a SERIALST moderator at a particular institution.  The NASIG Executive Board is very excited about this opportunity to provide the valuable service of managing SERIALST to the serials community.

On July 14, 2014, the NASIG Executive Board unanimously passed a resolution that NASIG take on the management and moderation of SERIALST.  We have signed an agreement with L Soft International, Inc. to provide the hosting service for SERIALST.  This hosting will include access to the full archives of SERIALST.

In order to cover the considerable expense involved with managing SERIALST, the Board voted to designate the funds NASIG receives from Taylor & Francis for publishing our conference proceedings in “The Serials Librarian” to pay for the management of SERIALST.

Please join the NASIG Board in offering enormous thanks to Ann Ercelawn, Bob Persing and Stephen Clark for their years of diligent service in maintaining SERIALST.

And we hope that you will join us in celebrating this exciting news about NASIG’s future.

Steve Kelley
NASIG President

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