Call for NASIG Archivist

NASIG is seeking applicants for a three-year term as NASIG Archivist. The term would run from the upcoming 2014 conference through the 2017 conference.  The first year the applicant would serve as Archivist-in-Training, and would work with Paula Sullenger, the current NASIG Archivist, whose term expires after the 2015 conference.

A brief description of the qualifications and requirements of the position would include:

  • Be organized and a self-starter.
  • Have the time to organize and update the history page on the NASIG web site.
  • Have the flexibility to schedule time during the summer to upload NASIG documents to the University of Illinois website and work with the University of Illinois Archivist.
  • The job of Archivist is not very time demanding since most of the information for the archives is now on the NASIG web site.

Interested candidates should write up a brief explanation of why you are interested in this position and why you think you would be a good fit.  Please send this description in an email to

Steve Kelley
Vice President, NASIG

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