Streamline Your Negotiation: Creating & Updating a License Template for Your Institution

Date: April 10, 2014
Time: 2pm (EDT)
Length: 1 hour
Registration deadline: April 9, 2014

Webinar Rates:
NASIG members: $35
NASIG non-member: $50
Group registration: $95

This webinar will cover the steps and best practices for creating a license template for your institution, including creating standard language that you can use in negotiation and a review of model licenses we have in the field. I will also highlight new license clauses that we’re seeing in agreements and approaches for negotiating them, as well as emerging areas of interest and concern, especially with regards to new formats or acquisition models that require new language that has not yet been standardized. I will also share updates about popular standard model licenses.

Liane Taylor
Continuing Resources Librarian/Interim Head Acquisitions Librarian
Texas State University

Liane has been negotiating licenses within libraries since 2005. She has served as the Continuing Resources Librarian at Texas State University since 2009 and also currently serves as the Interim Head of Acquisitions. During her tenure, she has negotiated several major system-wide licenses with major publishers, created an institutional license template, and begun work on new, standardized language not currently found in model licenses. She has developed a website that enables librarians to compare clauses in model licenses.


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