Critical Change, Networked Communication, and Making Hard Decisions – visions of the future at NASIG 2014!

Interested in e-resource licensing, RDA, usage statistics, scholarly communication issues, ebook management, linked data issues, and much more? NASIG is the conference for you!

NASIG would like to congratulate our 2014 Vision Speakers for making an impact in their fields. Dr. Katherine Skinner was presented with the 2013 Society of American Archivists Preservation Publication Award. Her talk is on “Critical Moments: Chance, Choice, and Change in Scholarly Publishing.” Herbert Van de Sompel received the Los Alamos National Laboratory 2013 Outstanding Innovation Award. His vision speech is titled “From a System of Journals to a Web of Objects.” Jenica Rogers will be accepting the 2014 HARRASSOWITZ Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award later this year. Her talk is on “Reaching New Horizons: Gathering the Resources Librarians Need to Make Hard Decisions.” You don’t want to miss what these folks have to say!

The Early Bird deadline is fast approaching. Don’t miss out on excellent programming, an informative Vendor Expo, networking opportunities and just plain fun.  Fort Worth
offers great evening activities, and the conference opening event will be a foot-stomping good time!  Check out the conference website for info.

Plan to come early and attend one of our great pre-conferences! From the Library of Congress, Les Hawkins and Hien Nguyen will be delivering an intense workshop on
basic serials cataloging. Claire Dygert brings more than sixteen years of experience to the table to help you build your licensing and negotiation skills. Angie Rathmel and Lea
Currie will show you how to dig into your usage data and other metrics to assess their ongoing value to your institution.

Register for the conference by April 1, 2014 to take advantage of the Early Bird discounts. Register for your hotel room before April 7, 2014 to get the conference rate.

Kelli Getz & Anna Creech, Program Planning
Michael Hanson & Janice Lindquist, Conference Planning

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