NISO Two-Part March Webinar: The Infrastructure of Open Access

NISO will be holding a two-part webinar on March 5 and 12 to discuss The Infrastructure of Open Access. Open Access (OA) has become a widely accepted and rapidly growing method of publishing scholarly content. As OA distribution gains traction, a high priority for the community is establishing and building the infrastructure needed to efficiently manage this content. This infrastructure includes such elements as OA publication charge management by third parties, fee structures and payments, visual and machine-readable identification of OA availability and reuse rights, and discovery layer functions.

Part 1 will discuss Knowing What is Open. In Part 2, speakers will explore how we can move Toward a Functioning Business Ecosystem. You can register for either or both parts. There is a 25% discount to registrants of both parts.


When content is published by a strictly Open Access publisher or in a completely open access online journal, knowing what is freely available to read by the user can be fairly obvious. This is less clear for hybrid titles, where open access is set at an article-by-article level. Even when a journal is fully open access, mechanisms are necessary for conveying the OA status of articles and their reuse rights to other systems, such as discovery platforms. This webinar, Knowing What is Open, will  discuss just what it means to say content is “open access,” what the various flavors of OA are, and how people and other systems can determine how open something is and both discover and access such content.

Issues around license rights, the scale of openness, and the application of this data in discovery contexts will also be covered.

Topics and speakers are:

*    Setting the Stage: How Open is Open Access? – Darlene Yaplee, Chief Marketing Officer, PLOS

*    Untangling Open Access Issues in Scholarly Communication – Greg Tananbaum, Consultant; NISO Open Access Metadata and Indicators Working Group Co-Chair

*    The Lifecycle of Open Access Content – Susan Dunavan, Senior Product Manager, SIPX, and Franny Lee, Co-Founder & VP Business Development, SIPX


As Open Access is rapidly growing, the need to improve the business models and relationships to create a functional ecosystem becomes more critical.

The past economic models and workflows were established based on a subscription model. OA revenue models are typically based on author publication charges, creating a more complicated workflow, and it is questionable whether the new OA business practices can sustain themselves at the scale of expected article output. Invariably, third-party processers will need to help manage the institutional relationships, the billing and payment processing necessary, and likely other elements of the required business ecosystem for Open Access.

The second part of NISO’s two-part series on the Infrastructure of Open Access will discuss how to create a Functioning Business Ecosystem. Speakers will explore the infrastructure elements that some community members are putting into place, discuss what is working and what isn’t, and identify problems that remain to be solved.

Topics and speakers are:

*    Copyright Clearance Center: Open Access & APC Management – Roy S. Kaufman, Managing Director of New

Ventures, Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) *    The Sustainability of Open Access – Cameron Neylon, Advocacy

Director at the Public Library of Science (PLOS) * Open Access Business Models for Publicly-Funded Research – Frederick Friend, Honorary Director Scholarly Communication, University College London


Registration is per site (access for one computer) and closes at 12:00 pm Eastern on March 5 for Part 1 and March 12 for Part 2 (the days of the webinars). Discounts are available for NISO and NASIG members and students.

NISO Library Standards Alliance (LSA) members receive one free connection as part of membership and do not need to register. The LSA member webinar contact will automatically receive the login information. Members are listed here:

If you would like to become an LSA member and receive the entire year’s webinars as part of membership, information on joining is listed here:

All webinar registrants and LSA webinar contacts receive access to the recorded version for one year. You can register for either or both parts.

There is a 25% discount if registering for both. Visit the event webpages to register and for more information:  Part 1 webpage:

Part 2 webpage:

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