NASIG 2014 Conference – Program Highlights

Registration will open soon for the NASIG 29th Annual Conference to be held in Ft. Worth, Texas from May 1-4, 2014! On behalf of the Program Planning Committee (PPC), we are pleased to announce the following exciting scheduling information:

Vision Speakers
Katherine Skinner, Executive Director of Educopia Institute, will present Critical Moments: Chance, Choice, and Chance in Scholarly Publishing

Herbert Van de Sompel, Team Leader of the Prototyping Team at the Research Library of Los Alamos National Laboratory, will present From a System of Journals to a Web of Objects

Jenica Rogers, Director of Libraries at the State University of New York at Potsdam, will present Reaching New Horizons:
Gathering the Resources Librarians Need to Make Hard Decisions

Basic Serials Cataloging Workshop (2 part workshop) will be presented by Les Hawkins, Coordinator of the CONSER Program at the Library of Congress, and Hien Nguyen, CONSER Specialist at the Library of Congress.

Building Your Licensing and Negotiation Skills Toolkit will be presented by Claire Dygert, Assistant Director for Licensing and E-Resources at the Florida Virtual Campus.

Electronic Resources Assessment will be presented by Lea Currie, Head of Content Development at the University of Kansas, and Angie Rathmel, Electronic Resources Librarian at the University of Kansas.

From Idea to Action: Supporting Open Access at the Local Level will be presented by Amy Buckland, eScholarship, ePublishing & Digitization Coordinator at McGill University.

We will have innovative sessions on a variety of topics such as collection development, electronic resource management, acquisitions, epublishing, cataloging, etc. A few of the sessions include:

Diving into E-book Usage: Navigating the Swell of Information

Hybrid Journals: Ensuring Systematic and Standard Discoverability of the Latest Open Access Articles

Taming Mobile Applications

Cost-per-Use vs. Hours-per-Report: Usage Reporting and the Value of Staff Time

Meeting the E-Resources Challenge Through Collaboration: An OCLC Perspective on Effective Management, Access and Delivery of Electronic Collections

The Power of Sharing Linked Data: Giving the Web What it Wants

Converting Your e-Resource Records to RDA

Yer Doin it Wrong: How NOT to Interact with Vendors, Publishers, or Librarians

Be on the lookout in the coming months for more information regarding:

Saturday lunchtime Informal Discussion Groups covering a variety of topics. Boxed lunches will be available for purchase during registration.

A new forum where NASIG sponsors will discuss new products, updates, and services called Vendor Lightning Talks.

The Great Ideas Showcase continues to provide an opportunity to share innovative ideas, new workflows, and new applications of technology in an interactive and informal setting. Great ideas can be demonstrated in a variety of ways – posters, laptops, tablets, e-readers, etc.

A new event called Snapshot Sessions, designed for 5-7 minute talks in which projects, workflows, or ideas are presented.

Kelli Getz & Anna Creech
2014 Program Planning Committee Chairs

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