Congratulations, NASIG!


In the spirit of open access, NASIG chose in 2012 to make conference presentations freely available on Slideshare: These materials and the content are truly valuable to individuals in the serials and electronic resources chain. Just how valuable? We’ll let you be the judge. The Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) was thrilled to receive this email on Tuesday, Jan. 14:

“Congratulations, NASIG! Your content was among the top 2% of
most viewed on Slideshare in 2013!

You received 21,229 views in 2013.
It would take seven Titantics to hold that many people!”

What were the most viewed papers (noted as of Jan. 6 for the midwinter report to the Board):

  • Why the Internet Is More Attractive Than the Library (3,353)

  • RDA and Serials: Theoretical and Practical Applications Preconference (1,678)

  • Discovery and Analysis of the World’s Research Collections: JSTOR and Summon Under the Hood (1,269)

  • CONSER Serials RDA Workflow (1,168)

  • Practical Applications of Citation Analysis-Handout (1,052)

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