NASIGuides offer guidance for new and experienced serialists

Over the years, NASIG has compiled a number of guides about serials and e-resources written by experienced members of the community.  These PDF guides are freely available at the NASIG Publications website for download and use.

If you are new to serials work, consider starting with “How to Survive as a New Serialist”, a guide with basic information about finding and applying for a serials position as well as continuing education opportunities for those already in a library field.  For those new to the field who are cataloging serials, check out the “Title Changes” guide, which is a user-friendly guide to everything you need to know about cataloging serial title changes.  The complementary guide “MARC Coding For Serials” compiles MARC coding specific to serials records, making it a quick go-to resource for new serials catalogers.  Additionally, it includes links to many other online resources and cheat sheets useful to serials catalogers.

If you find yourself working on a newspaper project, take a look at the “Newspaper Classification” guide, which contains detailed information not covered by existing Library of Congress standards.  The guide includes both explanations and examples to guide you in classifying your own collections.

“A Beginner’s Guide to Working with Vendors” is a must for all serials and e-resources librarians new to the field.  This guide focuses on how to establish and maintain productive relationships with the vendors in our field.

Last but not least, read through “License Negotiation 101” by Rick Anderson, to get a feel for reviewing license agreements.  Learn what to look for in licenses, how to ask for changes in license terms, and what to do if a vendor won’t play ball.
–Jennifer Bazeley, chair, Publications/PR

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