Committee Update – ECC

Post conference is a busy time for the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC).  We welcomed Chris Bulock, Smita Josphipura and Carol Ann Borchert and set them loose updating all the committee webpages and listservs. They’ve helped with everything from spam monitoring (you’ll be thrilled to know the filters catch over 200 messages a day!) to ongoing maintenance on the lists. Sarah Gardner & Carol Ann did some massive updates to NASIG-L to remove the non-member conference attendees. Outgoing co-chair Wendy Robertson continued to work with presentation materials on Slideshare. (Thanks, Wendy! We’ll miss you!) Meg Mering is keeping the blog up to speed. Chris took over the Jobs Blog for August. Smita will get her turn next month. Char Simser & Kathryn Wesley updated web permissions so members who need to edit public web pages or their private committee space have access. They also archived the 2012 Conferences pages and updated the look and links on the Blog, and created documentation that described the changes needed on the Blog related to the annual conference. Finally, we’re investigating a few action items from the Board. You’ll hear more about those in the future.

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