NASIG 2012 – Closing remarks

Closing remarks at NASIG 2012

Steve Shadle thanks Karen & Michael from Program Planning, Beverly and Ann from Conference Planning & everyone who made it work!

  • Our attendees from the UK came the farthest; and 2 individuals from the West Indies

We are a volunteer organization! Volunteer – the ride will be great.

Bob B., incoming president, is passed the gavel, though there is no longer a gavel.  Steve gives Bob a guitar fly swatter & cowboy hat.

  • first act: honoring Steve, who gets the gavel plaque
  • Bob hopes to bring some new ideas to NASIG, including a focus on Core Competencies
  • NASIG is famous – one of our Slideshare presentations has 500+ hits; another has 300+
  • thank you to social media input via blog and twitter with this conference – we have a lot to share
  • 2014 Conference will be held in a place that has a little bit of everything: jazz, opera, Londsome Dove, dancing, and more:  Fort Worth, Texas

Susan Davis – shuffling off to Buffalo next year – a few things about the town & claims to fame

  • Buffalo is a top 20 international visitor destination
  • Niagra Falls
  • we won’t hear “yum y’all”
  • the “Queen” city – 400 miles from NYC – the Midwest; 2nd largest city on Great Lakes
  • fabulous architecture & architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Erie Canal – lots of development there
  • Millard Fillmore is from there; the Goo Goo Dolls, Joyce Carol Oates
  • theatre, hockey, football, baseball: the Buffalo Bisons
  • world class museums
  • close to Canada – bring your passport if you’re planning to cross the border
  • the 1901 PanAmerican Exhibition was held there – it’s where President McKinley was assassinated
  • chocolate – sponge candy?
  • do not ever say “buffalo wings” in Buffalo – just say “wings”
  • there will be no snow on the ground when we’re there
  • last call at the bar is 4am

Drawing for t-shirt, a book, coffee, sponge candy – won by Jill Bright.

Bob reminds us about the last two sessions following breakfast. Many thanks to everyone who has been part of NASIG 2012 in Nashville.

Bob adjourns the meeting.

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2 Responses to NASIG 2012 – Closing remarks

  1. Susan Davis says:

    Hi, for the record #2 is spelled Niagara Falls. 🙂

  2. nasig says:

    Whoa! Did not know that. And I’m still holding out hope that we can introduce the phrase “yum y’all.”

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