NASIG 2012 – business meeting notes

blogged by Char Simser
watch for official minutes in an upcoming issue of the NASIG Newsletter

Business Meeting – Friday, June 8, 2012. 3pm

President Steve Shadle gives overview of NASIG over the last year

  • Assets over $500K
  • 5% increase in personal membership
    • with rolling year membership, so it’s difficult to track actual numbers, but we’ll take those numbers!
  • Organizational membership (2 years old) from 1 to 5; member:
    • Swets, Ebsco, DeGruyter, Taylor & Francis, Rockefeller University Press
  • Conference changes:
    • Dropped strategic sessions, now vision & program sessions – want feedback on how this worked this year –
    • Reduced registration rate for 1 person from exhibitors – vendor feedback wanted
    • Instituted use of Google calendar
    • Continued support of exhibitors
    • Appointed Anne McKee as conference coordinator
    • Conference proceedings contract with T&F expired; Board chose 3 year renewal  – 20% increase in payment to NASIG – 2 conference stipends to conference proceedings editors – Proceedings Archives now go back to volume 1 & are available via T&F from our NASIG site
    • Continuing Education Committee
      • Used to sponsor events – now go beyond that with our first webinar in May – hope to take best of best and make it available more broadly
        • 54 registrants – $3800 income & subscription cost was @$1500
        • would like to run webinars quarterly
        • have put out call for webinar topics
  • continue to co-sponsor conferences
  • Discussion forums are gone – communication survey indicated it wasn’t used
  • Brought NASIG-L back
  • ECC posts items to social media
  • Right after biz meeting: Core Competencies meeting – may serve as a framework for our organization – build a better, more systematic CE program for NASIG

Secretary’s report – Carol Ann Borchert

  • From the board meeting this week
    • Frustrations with our web software for registrations – will trial run a new software with a webinar later this year
    • Led to broader conversation of what functionality committees need
    • PPC suggests manuals in wiki format – ECC currently uses wiki – have to keep in mind confidential info

Treasurer – Lisa Blackwell

  • Healthy balance sheet
  • Have conservative investment fund that fluctuates
  • Bottom line over $500K, better than last year
  • Sponsorships help us tremendously – kudos for Katy G.’s work
  • Budgets for rest of year look good

FYI… highly encourages folks to consider becoming treasurer in the future

Nominations & Elections – Christine R.

  • Everything ran smoothly this year
  • Presents the incoming Board

Recognition of Outgoing Board members & Committee Chairs – Jessica Ireland

  • Tries to recognize our Mexico Student Grant winner whose flight was late last night
  • On to recognizing outgoing chairs & registrar & board members

No old business.

No new business

We are adjourned.

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