NASIG 2012 – ECC chairs training for committee chairs

ECC Committee Chairs Training

  • Training info is linked from ECC committee page,, including all this training material!
  • NASIG Communication tools – more than than website!
    • Broadcast ‘official’ messages can go to specific groups like all conference (or webinar) attendees, just to a specific committee
    • email addresses – many go to chairs of committees, the board
    • NASIG-L discussion list
      • Remember – people can opt out; includes non-member conference attendees
  • Social media tools available for all to contribute to – FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, FLICKR
  • Committee email addresses
    • Internal: [committee] – use this to communicate with your committee members & board liaison; archived for 1 year
    • NASIG public addresses – [committee]
      • This generally go to chairs only; they are not archived
      • All permissions will be worked on immediately post-conference
        • ECC will update committee web pages & the lists
        • Email problems
          • Spam filters catch a lot, but not all – some legitimate mail gets caught & we review the filters frequently & try to forward those
          • Incorrect email addresses – MUST notify for ECC & D&D if you update your records in the database
          • Generic or blank subject lines get caught in spam
          • Institutional firewalls sometimes cause a problem

Broadcast message or NASIG-L – which one to use?

  • There’s a handy chart linked from the ECC wiki that provides some guidance


ECC Wiki –

  • Fantastic resource for committee chairs about all the tools, instructions for posting broadcast messages, editing the web, & more –
  • The wiki is linked from the ECC committee webpage

NASIG website

  • Feel free to ask ECC to edit pages if you don’t do it very often, email
  • Will be setting up website rights after the conference – watch for our email and confirm that you have access to edit or send messages
  • Heavy editors of website get ‘superuser’ rights which means that you have more power than you should J
  • We have a task calendar on the web so we know when to update certain pages, but contact us anytime if you need us to do things earlier
  • Wendy gives a tour of how to edit the website
    • After login, go to page you need to edit – the ‘yellow’ areas are the pages you can edit – just click in the page & edit and update
    • Pasting from Word is not recommended – coding in Word causes display issues in some browsers – so use the ‘paste from text’ or ‘paste from Word’
    • Private committee pages
      • Login and navigate to My Membership > My Profile
      • Scroll to bottom and click on your committee name to navigate to the page
      • REMEMBER: do not load confidential docs to Arcstone
  • We recommend use Google Docs, DropBox  or Wikis for committee information
    • Shows how to share docs & folders with a committee in Google Docs
  • “Administration”  – allows you to do broadcast messages, registration, even set up
    • for emails – change the “reply to” & from to your email address or the committee email
    • can target specific groups – some broadcast messages are managed via ‘messaging’, some via ‘events’

CONTACT – (goes to several ECC messages) or (for the committee chairs)

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