Committee chairs meeting at NASIG 2012

Bob. B., VP/incoming president, welcomes committee chairs

  • introductions of board members & their liaison responsibility
  • committee chairs introduce themselves
  • committee chairs manual is online – important info there –
    committee chairs/co-chairs should be proactive & not wait for direction
  • committee chairs MUST delegate to their committee members – they may be chairs in training
  • use your liaison as a sounding board – if there are problems, discuss with your liaison
  • chairs must turn in reports 3Xs a year – there is a template for the report linked from the website – one purpose behind these reports is to keep Board up-to-date – the Board builds their agenda from questions the committees may pose, outstanding issues re your committee
  • committee meetings are Saturday morning at 7:30
  • confidentiality –   related to some tasks, questions
  • remember to delegate AND thank your committee members
  • compensation policy for some committees – they are online
  • committee manuals – they are guidelines, subject to change – if committees have separate notes, please get them into your manual – appoint someone on your committee to update/manage – it provides continuity in a volunteer organization
  • reimbursement – mainly about speakers, award winners, to CEC events, for CPC/PPC chairs/co-chair to attend Board events – check with Jennifer A. (treasurer) if you aren’t certain
  • Jennifer A. – in fall 2012, chairs will receive budget info & must submit their 2013 budget
    contact her for conference calling info, for FedEx – save your receipts because they must accompany any forms submitted
  • Carol Ann – outgoing secretary – email her if you need stationary with NASIG letterhead, conference flyers, membership brochures (have run out of English ones), NASIG banners, working calendar updates, any general help, let her know – committee reports (use the template!): send to the secretary along with the Newsletter editor
  • Joyce – the working calendar is critical – it keeps everyone on track – committees should review it regularly & if changes are needed, email the secretary
  • Peter – Archivist – if you aren’t certain what should be submitted, email the archivist
  • Bob B. – website & list things – better to communicate rather than not – be direct, feel free to use social media including What’s New – go back and look at Newsletter, blog, & see what has been up and consider
  • Angela – Newsletter – use the report templates when submitting committee updates and annual reports – the templates help the copyeditors
  • Bob – initiatives & challenges – committee chairs – feel free to bring things forward –
    • Bob is interested in Core Competencies Task Force – some of their work may ripple out in the organization – what they find, could have impact on PPC, CEC, bylaws, PR, publications & student outreach, or any and all committees
    • Wants our leadership to be cognizant of standards & our industry & mandates from various institutions, have many groups trying to make the environment less chaotic – feel free to share your thoughts with the membership – he’d like to see the Newsletter do some op-ed pieces

Bob looks forward to hearing from committee chairs.  Address your liaison directly if you need them to respond because they are not necessarily monitoring your list closely.

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