Live Blogging at NASIG 2012

Hi Conference Attendees!

NASIG would love to see some live blogging happening in Nashville. Don’t you want to participate?

The Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) has set up an anonymous login for the NASIG Blog,

Email  to get the username and password and to tell us what session you’d like to blog.  (Check the ‘blogger’ column for list of available sessions at: We’ll add names as individuals volunteer for a session.)

If you have a WordPress account and want to use that, let us know. We’ll set you up as a blog author.

To add a post, login at

  • Add the session title in the Title box.
  • Add your notes in the text box.
  • Add your byline (Do credit yourself even if using the anonymous login!)
  • Add tags, photos, links (optional).
  • Click “Publish Post”.

    ECC reserves the right to edit your post, including adding tag and categories to enhance searching.

NOTE: live blogging is different than reporting for the Newsletter or writing up a session for the Proceedings. However, if you are already a reporter or a recorder, please feel free to do a blog entry for the session for your immediate post presentation thoughts. If you’d prefer to do a bit of formatting and then copy/paste your notes to the blog, that’s fine. However, we would suggest you use Notepad & keep to simple text. Bulleted lists, for example, do not paste nicely from Word.

If you have trouble with logging in or posting, just send your notes to We’ll add them for you.

Are you posting to your personal or work blog? Excellent. Send us the link, We’ll add a post linking to your site.

So blog away! Let’s show the world what they’re missing!

Char Simser

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