Call for Conference NASIG Proceedings Recorders

The Conference Proceeding editors are seeking volunteer conference recorders for sessions at this year’s annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee, June 7-10.  Recorders are asked to attend specific sessions, take notes and then synthesize the notes into a readable, comprehensive report of the session for the Conference Proceedings.  For vision sessions, recorders may be asked to listen to a recording of a presentation and work with the speaker to create a report for publication in the Proceedings.

Recorders will work under the general direction of the Proceedings Editors.

If you are a NASIG member with the ability to write clear, organized prose, and who is able to submit a report by July 13, 2012, please consider this opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the organization.

To apply, submit a letter of application by Friday, April 13, 2012 to:

Please include the following in your application:

•       Your contact information (including your e-mail and phone number)

•       A list of sessions you plan to attend and are willing to record

•       Whether you have previously served as a recorder for the NASIG Proceedings and the year(s)

•       A writing sample.  Please include the writing sample as an attachment or as a link.  The writing sample can be on any topic; it does not have to be related to librarianship.  The purpose of the writing sample is to illustrate your writing ability.  Suggested samples include journal articles, book chapters, research papers, or reports on a process, event, or meeting.  Minutes of meetings or brief book reviews are not preferred as they do not offer enough text to gauge writing style/ability.

Regards from the editors,

Sharon Dyas-Correia (

Sara Bahnmaier (

Wm. Joseph Thomas (


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